Core Function Screen


All members of Elverson Fitness Club receive a free Core Function Screen at Genesis Performance Chiropractic; the only stipulation is that members visit Elverson Fitness Club ten times in a month to qualify. Read the following letter from Genesis Performance Chiropractic explaining the Core Function Screen.


Congratulations! We at Genesis Performance Chiropractic applaud you taking the initiative to better yourself and your health by being active members at Elverson Fitness Club. Exercise is crucial to an individual’s well-being. In an effort to help prevent injuries to its members and keep you working out, we have partnered with Elverson Fitness Club to provide you with a complimentary “Core Function Screen”.

“Core” is a popular buzzword today, but the vast majority of people aren’t really sure what it means! A common misconception is that if you don’t have six pack abs, you don’t have a core. The core is actually comprised of a number of muscles deep within the abdomen, sides, and back. All of these are critically important for movement in general but especially for exercise. Your core sets a solid foundation for everything that you do.

At Genesis Performance Chiropractic, we place a strong emphasis on evaluating function. Whether a muscle is functioning is very often different than if a muscle is “weak”. During our Core Function Screen, we aren’t looking to evaluate whether your core is strong or weak, after all, you’re probably going to the gym to strengthen that core. Instead, we are looking at whether you have the ability to use those muscles. By putting different muscles into isolation and testing their function, we are testing whether the brain will use those muscles according to how they are designed to be used. When they aren’t working, the body comes up with a compensation strategy so that it may still accomplish what you are setting out to do. You may be able to get away with this for a while, but eventually, these compensations may result in injury. So let’s screen those important core muscles and see whether they are able to work!

The Core Function Screen is a single 30 minute visit that includes:

  • The SFMA functional movement assessment
  • Testing the function and connectivity of the intrinsic and extrinsic core musculature
  • Correcting the movement pattern so that the core is able to work properly using Active Release Techniques (ART)
  • Assignment of simple core activation exercises to perform before workouts

Please note that no chiropractic adjustments will be performed during these screens. Although Dr. Ryan Vermeesch is a chiropractor, he places a strong emphasis on the use of muscle evaluation and correction. Should you have any questions about what to expect, please call us. After your qualifying ten visits in a month at Elverson Fitness Club, you may reach us for questions and scheduling your Core Function Screen at (610)286-9991.